Crackling Roast Pork:
A Flavourful Legacy

Crafted with Mastery and Tradition

For nearly a decade, Bami has celebrated the art of perfecting our Crackling Roast Pork. It’s more than just an ingredient; it’s a testament to heritage and culinary mastery. Our secret lies in the meticulous process of preparing this succulent ingredient.

Crackling, Not Just Roast Pork

It’s the ‘crackling’ that sets us apart. Our chefs have mastered the art of making the crackling so irresistibly crispy.

We cook at high degrees for long hours and finish it off with the golden touch by making it cracking under extreme heat. That’s when the skin gets bubbling away under the blistering heat.

The ideal cut is a boneless pork shoulder and you’ll end up with juicy, tender goodness inside and a mouthwatering crispy crackle on the outside.

Crackling would have to be the most enjoyable part of a good piece of pork. That undeniable crispy, oily crunch filled with so much flavour is something we all look forward to after having a roast in the oven for hours. Especially as it fills your entire house with mouthwatering smells!

Crafting the Ultimate Bami’s
Crackling Roast Pork

Step 1
Prepare the Meat

Creating the perfect Crackling Roast Pork is an art. It starts with selecting the finest pork cuts. We start with meticulously slicing the pork meat into strips whilst paying careful attention to the angle of the cuts. This is where we lay the foundation for juiciness within and flavour throughout.

Step 2
The Secret Blend

Now, the heart of our recipe: the special Bami powder. A blend of flavours meticulously crafted by our Vietnamese master chef. We apply it generously to infuse the meat with unparalleled taste.

Step 3
The Patience of Marination

Allow the seasoned meat to rest and undisturbed for a minimum of 2 days in the cool embrace of our Central Kitchen's cold room. This is where magic happens as flavours meld and fuse. After 2 days of 'sleeping' in our cold room, our marinated meat is gently transported from our kitchen to every Bami restaurants for cooking.

Step 4

Our Bami chefs place the meat on a tray and with utmost care, pat it dry, then add a sprinkle of salt and gives the skin a tender massage — it's all about evenness and perfection.

Step 5
Time to Air Dance

We air-dry our pork and its skin in our refrigerator with the maintained temperature of below 5 degrees. This step is the crux of achieving the coveted crackling texture.

Step 6
Into the Oven it goes!

Our oven is pre-heated to 220 degrees. Then our chefs nestle the air-dried pork inside for 25 minutes.

Step 7
Precision Pricking

We take the heated pork out of the oven for a short 'Teppanyaki Show'. With spectacular knife skills, our chefs create intricate patterns on the pork skin, resembling a beehive's grace. This allows the fat to escape, ensuring the crackling will be truly crispy instead of being crunchy.

Step 8
A Flavourful Touch

With an artisan's touch, our chefs brush the skin evenly with a mixture of salt and vinegar. This step maintains the moisture and elevates the flavour profile.

Step 9
Back into the Oven it goes!

Return the meat to the oven for another 30 minutes at 220 degrees until the meat reaches the desired level of juiciness. The importance is to ensure the meat is angled just right to allow the excess fat to gracefully escape from beneath the pork skin. The key to successful crackling lies in keeping the pig skin perpetually dry.

Step 10
Here comes the Crackling!

After 30 minutes, our chefs crank up the oven to 280 degrees for 15 minutes. From here, the signature 'crackling' emerges in all its glory. The pork skin transforms into a symphony of cripsy notes, while the meat within stays tender and moist.

The Magic of Roast Pork

Making Roast Pork is an art form. It starts with selecting the finest cuts of pork, marinating them in our secret blend of Vietnamese spices, and slow-cooking them to perfection. It’s a process that demands patience and precision, resulting in succulent, flavorful meat that’s always a delight.

Our Roast Pork is known for its incredibly crispy skin. It’s a testament to the expertise of our chefs who ensure that every piece of pork is cooked to crispy perfection.

We don’t rush the process. Our Roast Pork is slow-cooked to allow the flavors to infuse into every fiber of the meat. It’s this dedication to timing that makes our Roast Pork unforgettable.

Bami Special Powders

Our Bami Special Powder is a secret blend inspired by the cherished flavors passed down through generations.

It’s not just another rendition of the traditional five-spice blend; it’s a culinary masterpiece born from the essence of our mom’s authentic Vietnamese recipes. Infused with love and heritage, our Special Powder elevates every dish it touches, including our iconic Crackling Roast Pork. Discover a symphony of flavors that pay homage to the rich culinary tapestry of Vietnam, uniquely crafted to perfection by Bami’s kitchen.

A Taste of Australia & Vietnam

Roast Pork holds a special place in Australian cuisine and culture, reflecting a rich tapestry of influences, from indigenous traditions to European and Asian culinary practices. It’s a dish that brings families and friends together. At Bami, we’ve embraced this tradition and added our own Vietnamese twist to create something truly remarkable.

What sets our Crackling Roast Pork apart is the infusion of Vietnamese ingredients and spices. It’s a delightful fusion of two culinary worlds that creates a unique and unforgettable flavour.

When you savour our Crackling Roast Pork, you’re experiencing a culinary marvel. It’s the result of passion, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Each bite tells a story of craftsmanship and flavor that’s bound to leave you saying ‘wow.’